Another Naija Talent to Rock the Entertainment World.

Against all odds, despite criticisms,  beyond all anomalies noticed and promoted about this great nation Nigeria. Therein lies a great bunch of resilient people and bunch of talents across all facet or sector u may think of, from education, to business, to ICT, I just name it. 

Few days Ago, it was a new fighter; Israeel Adesanya, while Anthony Joshua  (AJ) is still on the throne. In the world of music and entertainment, so many out of here (Naija) rule the world. And now it’s another UK born Nigerian, King Jay:
A factor worthy of consideration is the evidence that music runs in King Jay’s blood, as the fast growing Pop singer is said to be the multiple award winner, the Fuji Maestro, Dr. Adewale Ayuba’s nephew. No wonder they say whirlwind careless about a fruitless tree.With all these though, there’s an assurance of a great future, by and by we shall get there.God bless Nigeria!!!

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