Update on the Nigerian detained wrongfully in the US

As a continuation to the Olufolajimi Abegunde
saga, the Nigerian wrongfully held in custody
by the American government. The last we
heard about it was that the Abike Dabiri led
team will be visiting him at the West
Tennessee detention facility to learn about
the situation and act on his behalf, we can
confirm that till date, no visit has been made
and the Nigerian government continues to
neglect one of it’s brightest citizens. Thus,
this medium appeals to the authorities to
respond to this matter as promised.
Very recently, an American was arrested and
detained in Russia on espionage charge, a
consulate access was requested by the
Americans to see their citizen, if for nothing to
check his well being. The consular visit was
granted and the Americans promptly went to
visit their OWN, in less than 2 weeks,
irrespective of their present government
shutdown. Mr Abegunde has been detained
since February 7th 2018, almost a year and no
visit from the Nigerian government.
Other updates to the saga also shows that a
local judge in Memphis TN area, the city
where he is being held, confirmed that Federal
authorities around TN area act and prosecute
based on racial bias. Judge Fowlkes of
Memphis TN confirmed this while trying a gun
charge case. The case involved a white man
who records say sold an undercover officer
100 ecstasy pills for $800, while his black
partner stayed in the car with a gun.
Fowlkes asked why the white defendant
wasn’t slapped with the same gun charge as
the black defendant since they worked
together. The gun charge carres an automatic
5 year sentence just for the black person.
The above case shows that Olufolajimi’s
claims of racial mistreatment is valid and
should be taken into account. His family
wishes to draw the attention of current
Presidential aspirants and other concerned
Nigerians to look into this matter as Nigeria
cannot continue to fold it’s arms while it’s
citizens are mistreated on the basis of skin
To know more about this case or have clarity
about the type of person Mr Abegunde is
please visit freeefjay.org

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