‘The world should hold the IGP responsible if anything happens to members of my family and myself’ – Bukola Saraki

Senate President, Bukola Saraki on
Friday raised concern over his safety and
those of his political supporters in his state,
Saraki, Director-general of the Peoples
Democratic Party Presidential Campaign
Organisation, at a news conference in Abuja,
accused the security agencies of giving cover
to people who were unleashing violence on
the supporters of the PDP across the state.
Saraki said that the police had continued to
show hostility to him and his supporters in
Kwara State as part of efforts to jeopardise
and undermine his personal security and that
of his immediate and larger family. The
Senate President cited three incidents to
illustrate his fear about his security, alleged
that on Thursday, some supporters and thugs
of the APC attacked PDP supporters at
Adewole/Adeta, Ilorin, who were holding their
weekly ward meetings.
“They disrupted the meetings by
shouting their party slogan and when
our people responded by mentioning
our own slogan, they fired gun shots
into their midst in Adewole/Adeta.
They also inflicted machete cuts on
some of them. As a result of this
attack, two people suffered bullet
Saraki added that also on Thursday , the same
thugs went to his family quarters in Agbaji in
Ilorin and vandalised houses, shops and
inflicted machete wounds on three persons.
“All these destructions took place in
the presence of policemen who came
with them but watched without any
care, as the APC thugs and supporters
unleashed violence on our people.
“For me, personally, I believe the
decision to attack people and
properties in my family ancestral
compound is a direct affront and
attack on my person.
“And whatever signal these APC
elements with support from the police
believe they are sending is definitely
sinister, uncivilized and unfortunate.
“Our people have filed reports of the
incidents in relevant police stations in
Ilorin but we have doubts that
anything tangible and constructive will
come out of these reports.”
Saraki added that the same Police under the
directive of Inspector General of Police, Mr
Ibrahim Idris on Thursday commenced the
transfer of Divisional Police Officers (DPOs)
out of Kwara.
“It should also be noted that IGP has
posted three different Commissioners
of Police to Kwara State in the last six
“In fact, the previous and current
Commissioner of Police in the State
got strict instructions from the IGP
not to relate or engage with the
Senate President.
“The usual practice has been that the
Commissioner of Police personally
ensures the security of the Senate
President whenever he visits his home
“That was the practice during the
period of my predecessor and in my
first year in office. “
Saraki said that now that he is set to begin
ward to ward campaigns in the state, he is not
sure what instructions the IGP had given to
the police command in the state. “Thus, the
entire world should hold the IGP responsible if
anything untoward happens to members of my
family and myself.”
Saraki alleged that IGP Idris had tried thrice to
implicate him in some criminal charges. One
of them was the arrest of some cultists, who
claimed they worked for him. Another, he said,
was the Offa robbery. Saraki said none of the
plots succeeded.
“A situation where political thugs and operatives
attack opponents of the APC under the watch
and protection of law enforcement agents does
not present Nigeria well in the comity of
nations,” Saraki said.

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