‘Make an extra effort to report actual, reliable information and avoid fake news stories’ – President Buhari tells Nigerian media

President Buhari on Wednesday called on the
media in the country to make an extra effort
to report actual and reliable information and
avoid fake news stories.
Speaking during a courtesy call by Jamie
Angus, the Executive Director of the BBC
World Service at the State House in Abuja,
President Buhari said facts must form the
basis of all news reports.
He congratulated the BBC for the high
reputation they earned through difficult times,
such as the period of the Nigerian civil war.
The President noted that by devoting time and
resources to research into their stories before
going public with them, “the BBC has earned a
reputation for being an impartial news medium
that is relied upon by the people for correct
information about events and happenings.”
He commended their sacrifices in conveying
news and information to the vast communities
in Hausa across the Sahel region, and their
recent commencement of broadcasts, from
Nigeria, of news and programming in Igbo,
Yoruba and Pidgin. The BBC team explained
their plans for coverage of the upcoming
elections in the country, including state
gubernatorial debates.

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