‘He’s a bully, psychopath, control freak with serious mental issues’ – Celebrity big brother star, who allegedly dated Cristiano Ronaldo, makes gut wrenching allegations against football star

Celebrity Big brother star, Jasmine Lennard,
who allegedly dated Juventus and Portugal
striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, has taken to Twitter
to make mind blowing accusations against the
football star, vowing to help Kathryn Mayorga,
the former model, who last year accused the
footballer of raping her and trying to buy her
silence with a $300,000 Non disclosure

Jasmine, 33, who recently battled with
depression and mental health issues, claims
that the footballer she allegedly dated over ten
years ago, used to brag about his sexual
prowess to her and was a control freak while
he dated her.
According to Jasmine, she still talked
frequently with Ronaldo, even though they
broke up 10 years ago, and that after watching
sexual abuse survivors speak out against
music star, R.Kelly, in a recently released
documentary, she made up her mind to speak
out against the former Manchester United
star, and also help Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyers
in the rape suit against the footballer.

According to Jasmine, she made audio
recordings of her conversations with the
footballer because she knows no one would
believe anything she said if she didn’t have
proof, but that she will make her proofs
available to Kathryn’s lawyer, rather than
expose them on social media.

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