Don’t re-elect any governor that can’t pay salaries- President Buhari advises Nigerians

As the 2019 governorship election draws
nearer, President Buhari has advised Nigerians
not to re-elect state governors that have
formed the habit of owing workers in their
state civil service many months of salaries
despite receiving bailouts from Federal
In an interview with the Hausa service of
Voice of America, VOA, which was aired
yesterday, President Buhari said he saw no
justification in governors collecting bailout
funds from the Federal Government and still
fail to pay the salaries of the the civil
servants. He stressed that workers have
families as well to cater for and it is a matter
of importance for a responsible governor to
ensure that he pays the salaries of his
“I wonder how these governors are
able to sleep, knowing that they have
refused to pay workers their wages.
These workers have families to cater
for, they pay rent, pay school fees,
hospital bills and food for their
families.” he said

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