Chief Daddy becomes third Nollywood movie to top N300 million at the box office

EbonyLife Films’ Chief Daddy has become the
third Nollywood film in the history of Nigerian
cinema to break the elusive N300 million
barrier. After just 24 days of release, the Niyi
Akinmolayan film clocked N301,815,569 at the
box-office to solidify its position as the third-
highest-grossing Nollywood movie of all time.
Although Chief Daddy is some distance behind
The Wedding Party (N453 million) and The
Wedding Party 2 (N502 million), the pace of its
performance suggests that there is every
possibility that it will close the gap
considerably. After 24 days, The Wedding Party
had grossed slightly more at N303,372,409,
suggesting that if Chief Daddy’s run continues
into February it may emulate these two
As the producer of all three movies at the top
of the all-time box office chart, EbonyLife
Films has become a dominant presence in
Nigerian cinema, combining relatively high
production values with strong marketing
campaigns to create hit films. In less than
four years, EbonyLife has released five titles
with combined box office returns of more than
N1.4 billion – an average of N280 million per
The success of Chief Daddy , Merry Men and
King of Boys, which all passed the N200
million mark in 2018, may signal the beginning
of a new era for Nollywood. If scripts and
production quality continue to improve and
more cinemas continue to open across
Nigeria, box office returns of N100 million or
more may become commonplace for the top
local films. What has become evident already
is that Nigerian films are taking on Hollywood
blockbusters and winning. Although Aquaman
posted higher revenues due to higher ticket
prices for its 3D and IMAX screenings, more
viewers went to see Chief Daddy , making it the
most-watched movie over the holidays.
Moses Babatope, COO of FilmOne Distribution
has been pleasantly surprised by the film’s
performance. “To be perfectly honest, we
didn’t see this coming. Chief Daddy’s gross
revenues are virtually neck-and-neck with The
Wedding Party at the same point in its cinema
Mo Abudu, Executive Producer, is extremely
grateful. “We have to thank God for the
success of this film and the way that
audiences have embraced it. The writer,
director, cast and crew gave everything in this
labour of love and I’m so happy that all their
hard work is being rewarded. Also, our
distribution, PR and marketing teams have
done so much behind the scenes to get us to
this point. I’m excited about what is yet to
Chief Daddy is still showing in cinemas across
Nigeria and at Silverbird cinemas in Accra,

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