NLC declares January 8th day of nationwide protest to demand new minimum wage

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has
designated January 8th 2019 for the mother of
all protest to demand a new minimum wage.
The labour unions reached this agreement
after a national executive council meeting
which held in Abuja yesterday December 21st.
Recall that the labour unions and the
government, both state and Federal, have been
at loggerheads. The union is demanding that
the wage be increased to N30, 000 but the
state government insist they can afford
NLC says the January 8th protest would be to
express anger and dissatisfaction.
“The protest is to express anger and
total dissatisfaction over the delay by
the federal government in transmitting,
enacting and implementing the new
national minimum wage of
N30,000. The NEC-in-Session approved
that the protests should hold in all
state capitals and the Federal Capital
Territory Abuja on January 8, 2019.
The NEC mandates all industrial
unions and state councils to fully
mobilise workers and coordinate with
other labour unions for this mother-of-
all protest.” he said

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