Nollywood Actress Ify Adibeli Says ”Small Girl Big God” Is Another Name For Runs Girls..

Nollywood actress and producer, Ify Adibeli a.k.a Nollywoods hottest Virgin says it is degrading to be referred to as a small girl with a big God….

“I don’t care if people call me a bitch. It’s just another word for feminist and I say it with pride,” she wrote on her Instagram page on Monday, clearly letting loose sweltering emotion confounding her mind.
When Vanguard reached out to her, it was clear there was indeed smoke behind her fire and she explained as best as she could.

“Nobody has really pissed me off. I’m just fed up with people who think nonsense of you just because your lifestyle has changed. They see every girl that is doing well in life and on Instagram as a runs girl. Just because of how classy you look, they tag you ‘small girl, big God’, which is what they call runs girls now. When they call you ‘small girl with big God’, they are actually calling you a runs girl. It makes me laugh each time I see that comment on people’s posts, she explained with a note of displeasure in her voice.

“The word ‘bitch’ means a whole lot of different things and it depends on who calls you that. My own definition of bitch has different meanings. It is not the way others see it. Like I said on the post, to me, it is another word for ‘feminism’. I hate it when people call me ‘small girl, big God’. How can you ascribe such a dirty thing to God? It is not right. I’m working very hard for my money, they should allow me to enjoy it”, she added.

”I am sorry but i do not agree with the ”Small girl big God” explanation…..
Maybe she should have given us examples of the runs girl that have used the phrase recently someone like me can understand better…*wink*

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