Raga dancehall act MS to engage his love

Movement Smiling, an eastern Nigerian born raga singer based in Jamaica is set to be engaged with his long term lover this Sunday. MS isn’t entirely a new kid on the block with earlier tracks like Precious Stone, HighSpirit Year and (Jah) Send Down Thy Rain already under his belt.

MS says he needs more focus and concentration in his career pursuit thus this sudden move Having just recently released the audio and video remix of his Raga hit Black and Proud featuring 2Baba with the video directed by Clarence Peter.

MS announced his engagement plans in an Instagram post a few days ago.


Raga dancehall act MS to engage his love


Has the Lion finally been tamed by Love?

Who is the lucky girl?


Well all we can do is cross our fingers, waiting to see what this controversial Rasta is up to come Sunday…


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