Adorable moment little boy argues with his mother because he wanted to cook for the family but she won’t let him

A trending video shows the moment a little boy was found in the kitchen trying to cook for his family, then got into an argument when his mother tried to stop him.

The boy is seen in the video standing on a chair to help him reach the countertop so he can make a salad. His mother comes into the kitchen to find him with her lettuce and cheese and tells him he can’t cook, but he insists he can.


When his mother tries to talk him out of it, he says, “Don’t start mama. Not today mama”, and “Don’t touch me mama” when she tries to physically move him from his position. When she asks him how he learned to cook, he says “yes, I do. I learned myself to do it.”

The video is made even more adorable because of how serious the boy is and how he remained adamant insisting he must make the salad whether his mum wants it or not.

Watch the video below.


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