Evil woman’s plot to kidnap her co-wife’s son backfires as her 6 year old son is kidnapped and dies in kidnappers den in Kano(see graphic photo of the boy)

The Kano state police command is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the death of a six year old boy, Usman Daban, who died in the custody of some kidnappers.

According to findings by the police, a jealous wife had contacted people to kidnap the son of her co-wife whom she believes receives more attention and care from their husband. She informed the kidnappers that they should kidnap the little boy when he is out of the house and on his way to school.

Luck however ran out on her as it was her son, Usman, that came out first on the said day and the kidnappers abducted him and went with him. Appeals by the woman for the kidnappers to return her son fell on deaf ears. The kidnappers demanded N20 million ransom from her husband. The woman on the other hand could not bring herself to tell her husband what truly transpired.

The little boy died due to hunger where the kidnappers tied him. See the remains of the little boy below…


Evil woman


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