Before & After: Burns survivor thanks everyone who prayed for her as she recovered from life threatening incident

A burns survivor, Reedahs_cakes on Instagram, is celebrating Nigerians and followers of Linda Ikeji’s Blog for praying for her as she recovered from a gas explosion accident. In a post on her page, she wrote;

We’re do I begin my praise from?
Tell me there is no God,and I would show you my testimony.
It’s Almost 3months after the incidence that almost took my life.
I had just written my final papers as an undergraduate of law,university of Abuja,and barely 2days after,I was involved in a gas explosions accident while baking a wedding cake.
I could have been dead and gone,or probably even still on my sick bed,but am alive today as a result of all the prayers I had received,indeed God is merciful.
To every single blog who took time to involve in the #prayforfareedahobadaki am grateful beyond words. And to all the followers of @lindaikejiblog thanks so much d all the prayers.
Grateful heart.
Happy birthday to me.

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