A disturbing video going viral shows the moment an inmate was stabbed multiple times by other prisoners allegedly because he snitched and they livestreamed the violent act.

The video was recorded by one of the gang members who announced their intention just before they started the attack in a South Carolina prison.


The unsuspecting victim was passing when one of the gang members jumped on him from behind and began to stab him. The victim tried to escape but another inmate joined in the attack.

In a shocking move, the victim jumped from the top floor to the ground floor and tried to escape but some others were waiting for him down while the ones up descended the stairs and caught up with him to continue the attack.

No prison guard interfered to stop the attack for the period it was recorded.

According to reports, prior to the attack, the gang inmates who carried out the attack had already advertised it on social media then livestreamed it while it was going on.

It is highly doubtful that the victim will survive his wounds, according to reports.

Watch the shocking video below.



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