Destiny Tompkins, a former sales rep for Banana Republic is suing the clothing retail company she alleges is racist because a store manager complained and eventually cut her for off refusing to change her “urban” hairstyle.

Destiny, 19, was hired as a sales rep at the store’s outlet in White Plains, New York and started wearing her hair in braids shortly after starting the job. This however pissed off the white store manager, who approached her and told her that the braids were “too urban” , “unkempt” and didn’t go with the company’s image.

She refused to change her hairstyle, and was taken off the store’s work schedule. While she wasn’t officially fired, she effectively was because she didn’t get any shifts.

Destiny vented on Facebook and the Retail company fired the store manager. She’s however suing their corporate office, as well as the store and regional managers, for at least $1 million.

.Former Banana Republic employee sues bosses for a million dollars after racist store manager cut her off for refusing to change braids hairstyle

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