How Hector Jobarteh Died From Late Medical Attention

Hector Jobarteh, GUS
Hector Jobarteh. Source: Instagram.

A Neighbour of the murdered Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 3 winner Hector Jobarteh has said that the reality star died due to late response from medical aide.

This comes after reports that the police have arrested three suspects linked to his death.

A neighbour who lives around the deceased star’s New Oko-Oba residence in Agege area of Lagos state told LIB that doctors did not attend to Jobarteh who was still alive immediately they arrived the hospital.

The neighbour who pleaded anonymity said that he is still in shock over the death of the reality show winner.

He said, “It happened around 7.05 to 7.20am. I was preparing to go to church, so I went to the bathroom to have my bath and I got to realize that my bathroom was dark so I decided to shift the curtain. I saw two men walking. I poured water on my body and then I heard a gunshot. When I heard the gunshot I asked my friend in my room what the sound was. He said it wasn’t in the compound. Then I continued having my bath. I heard the second gunshot and I ran out of the bathroom. My Friend now said it was a robbery attack.

“Someone came in and told me that the men have taken my sister along. So I ran out but I realized that I was not putting on a towel. I ran back into my room to put on my boxers. I came out and met my sister outside. She is asthmatic. She was already having an attack. I was scared and I tried to calm her. She told me that they shot somebody upstairs. So I ran upstairs. Getting upstairs, we tried to rescue him (Hector). We brought him downstairs and rushed him to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, he wasn’t dead. He had no quick response. They shot him and his father. He was shot on his right chest while his father was shot in his hand. He wasn’t dead before we got to the hospital but he never had a quick response. So that was when he gave up.

“The police at Oko Oba division responded immediately when they heard of the incident but it was late already when they came. We were preparing to take him to the morgue when they came,” he added.

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