•Joseph needs well meaning Nigerians to help sponsor the setup of his ICT firm, with N200,000, acct number3097894204,First Bank 08110577131, 08034682834,07057709337

•Endurance an undergraduate,needs a caring and nice godmother or god father to sponsor to her, education. 09079003335
•Obi 70, needs financial help of N400,000, from sympathetic Nigerians, for his medical treatment acct number 3068080l77, first bank, 08086l6226l

•Amara 20, needs a sales representative job in Lagos.08142372211
•Aderinto 29, and resides in Oyo state, needs well meaning Nigerians to help sponsor his piggery farming, Zenith Bank acct 2111544752, acct name, Aderinto Segun.07012084307

Searching Female
•Ezinne, fair in complexion and plumpy, needs a God fearing man, who is buoyant and can take care of her, for marriage, aged 40-50. 08147538320
•Ann 23, pretty and caring, needs a well to do man that can take good care of her needs, for a serious relationship.08089597110
•Linda 30, pretty, God fearing, humble, employed and from Kaduna state, needs a Canadian or Australian resident who is God fearing, and a Catholic, as a husband.08030418191
•Young , beautiful and intelligent, from Edo State, needs a kind man, who can provide an accommodation, and job, for her in Lagos, for a relationship.09055313382
•Loveth 20s, sexy and charming, needs a very serious and romantic man, for a relationship. 08144692028
•Omonye 28, needs a caring and God fearing man, aged 29-36, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.08077030422, 08108856292
•A lady tall and slim, needs a man, aged 44 and above, who resides in Abuja or East for a relationship.08165250896
•Prisca 24, very busty and charming, needs a man who is sexy and romantic, for a relationship.08104859639

Searching Male
•Charles 32 resides in Lagos, needs a lady within Apapa and Okoko, Lagos for marriage.08170096900

•A divorcee, 59, self employed, from Delta State, needs a God fearing lady, who is educated, employed or into business, for a relationship. 08089922607
•Franklyn 45, from Rivers state, needs a pretty lady, aged 25-40, for a serious relationship. 08072187316, 08181302118
•Adewale 37, a graduate, with genotype AA and resides in Abeokuta, needs a supportive lady, for a relationship that can lead to marriage.09028672548
•Unyime reside in Akwa lbom ,needs a mature, curvy, pretty and God fearing lady, for marriage, aged 25-35. 07034343462,08081782649

•Jossy 27, dark incomplexion ,from Delta State, needs a tall, sexy, fair in complexion, God fearing, honest and sincere lady, aged 20-25, for a serious relationship.07031374230

•Shedy 26, a graduate, needs a beautiful lady, who is busty, curvy, employed or into business, aged 28-32, for a relationship.08036591911

•Beegu 30, needs, a good looking, God fearing and a caring lady who is a graduate, aged 25 and above, for marriage.09067646567

•Henry 31, from Akwa Ibom state, but resides in Port Harcourt, and employed, needs a lady, aged 19-25, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage. 08033397635,08185164670

•Fayrouz simple, dark in complexion, needs a lady, aged 22-26, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.08051125658

•Steve 32, educated, employed, humble and resides in Abuja, needs a gainfully employed lady, aged 24-30, for a relationship that can lead to marriage. 09091125773,07036339966

•Stephen 35, average height and fair in complexion, needs an humble,understanding lady, who is dark or chocolate in complexion, for a relationship that will lead to marriage, aged 18-28. 08106732243
•Abdul 30, resides in Abuja, needs a beautiful and responsible lady, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage, aged 20-28. 07035856649
•Ariyo 35, tall, slim and a media consultant, needs a humble, loyal and employed lady, aged 30-40, for a relationship that will lead to marriage.08036625688,

•John needs a Godly, beautiful, humble, tall and fair in complexion lady, who is a virgin, for marriage. 09071841022, 09059974307,07086574543

•Lawrence 34, a teacher, and resides in Lagos, needs an independent, employed and God fearing lady, for a serious relationship, that can lead to marriage.08074497707

•A guy, good looking and a graduate, needs a rich lady, for a romantic relationship. 07035639576
•Emmanuel 30, a soldier and resides in Benin city, needs a caring, buoyant and employed or business lady, who can take care of him financially, aged 30-45, who also resides in either Edo, Port Harcourt, Delta, Lagos,
Abuja and Enugu State, for a relationship.08160158197

•Oj, 26, handsome, humble, honest, God fearing, loving, and resides in Kano state, needs, a lady, for a serious and romantic relationship, that can lead to marriage, aged 30-40.08143699356, facebook labista ojodale

Sugar Cares
Searching Male
•Princewill 32, resides in Lagos, needs a rich and sex starved sugar mummy, for a relationship. 07037177183
•James 37, tall and resides in Lagos, needs a sugar mummy, for a relationship. 0703042521
•A man, needs a cheerful and comfortable sugar mummy, that resides in any state, that can take care of him, aged, 30-60.08117705334
•Nelson 24, tall, with athletic body and sexually active, needs a caring sugar mummy.09065209299
•A man, needs a sugar mummy, that can take care of him and his education, for a relationship.08114961699



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