President Muhammadu Buhari and the Emir Of Katsina

A youth group in Katsina state has insisted on the October 1 deadline for Igbos living in the region to leave.

The Katsina State Progressive Youth Alliance in a press conference stated their readiness to enforce the quit notice.

This is inspite of the reassurances given by the royal head of the state, the Emir of Katsina.

Speaking at the press conferénce, the group’s secretary general, Abdullahi Marusa, said though the group has the utmost respect for the Emir, there is no going back on the quit notice.

“Some northerners like Atiku, Bugaje have clearly shown from their utterances and acts that they don’t believe in the North, as such we see them as opportunist seeking relevance from the ongoing impasse.

“The southerners are allowed to say so many worst threat statements of threat, intimidation and blackmail, why aren’t they asked to stop.

“It’s only when the north reacted that they accused of causing tension,” he said.

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