Tarik, 12, has been shunned by friends because of his giant hands (Image: Barcroft Media)

Tarik, a 12-year-old Indian boy, called the ‘devil’ has endured a cruel and chorus jeers of villagers who believe his giant hands are a sign he is cursed.

According to the Sun UK, the young boy suffers a condition, a mysterious one as a matter of fact, that has caused two fingers and his thumb on each hand to balloon.

Tarik’s aunt, Pushpa, explained that her nephew has had big hands since he was born, but have continued to grow.

Big hands from birth

His aunt, Pushpa, said: “Since birth, his hands were always big,” she is quoted by the Sun UK as saying.

“As he started growing his hands got bigger.

“When his father was alive he took him to the local doctors a lot.

“But his father passed away and he only has his mother now, so he can’t get any treatment.”

Another member of his family, Hargyan, his older brother, who takes care of him, said: “his hands are really big. I have never seen such big hands in my life.

“He is stuck in his life. He cant even change his clothes. I have to look after Tarik.

“Its difficult for Tarik to complete his daily chores like bathing, dressing, and eating.”

He has been refused admission to schools out of fear that he'll scare other students. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images

The paper reports that the condition, which has not been diagnosed by doctors, has caused Tarik’s huge hands to grow, measuring 12 inches from the tip of his thumb to the tip of his first finger.

School rejects Tarik

His brother added: “The school authorities said they could not take Tarik, as his huge hands will scare other kids. He was denied admission in almost every school.”

Meanwhile, the family is reported to have approached many local doctors, but each time, they have returned home disappointed.

The Sun also reported that following a recent visit, Dr. Pawan Kumar Gandhi said: “Tarik’s problem is actually a mystery to us. We’ve never seen a patient with this before.”

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