Burn Survivor Shares Inspirational Story On IG

Burn survivor
Burn victim. Photo credit: Instagram

By Rashidat Akashat

A Nigerian burn survivor identified as Aderonke Odumosu has shared her story to those who are contemplating suicide.

According to the victim, she was forced to share her story on Instagram when she came in contact with someone who was contemplating suicide.

Sharing a collage of her fire accident body and her healed body, she wrote:

“So I have never had the urge to share these burns pictures of myself when I suffered a gas explosion ..I have told my story to some plp but never shared pics perhaps bcos I hate the pity party , until today when I got a call from one of the docs who operated on me and wanted me to speak to a young lady who recently suffered gas explosion and is feeling sucidal . He thought. I was the best person to talk her out since I was in the same situation 3 years ago .. I dropped everything I was doing and headed straight to the hosp.on seeing the young lady I remembered my ordeal ,how I felt suicidal I got emosh but I had to remain strong for her. After sharing my story with her and reinforcing that suicide is NEVER an option I hope / pray i was successful at talking her out . I attempted suicide 3 times myself but God said it wasn’t my time ..3 years ago I knew what it meant for your life and plans to be brought to a screeching halt ..To be sicker than I ever thought possible , to know kindness of hospital workers , and strangers.. To feel very alone and at the same time part of a large community of people who call themselves burns survivor .To me burns survivorship is about living through burns treatment and finding a way to integrate the impact of the shock and treatment into your new life .. Using the word survivor to describe myself was one of the hardest thing I had to come to terms with so I believe conquerer is more suitable because this experience has helped me to become a better person ,to appreciate every little thing ,to see the world from a diff perspective . No matter what , I have conquered a sense of hopelessness. To all burns victims out there it will only get better trust me … Your scars Wil fade away eventually and a new you will emerge .. Keep hope Alive . Of course my story wouldn’t be complete without this amazing lady @ebigoo1 Who introduced me to one of the baddest doc on Harley street Dr Rajj london ,st Thomas’s hosp london, docs at lasuth gbagada,Georgia plastic surgery Atl, @grandvillemedlaser and my supportive family ..my treatment span 3 continent. Pic 1 taken morning of the explosion pic 6 (bottom right) taken Today .Alhamdulilahi”

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