Monica Ambrose
Monica Ambrose. Photo credit: Facebook

By Rashidat Akashat

A Nigerian woman based in Netherlands, Monica Ambrose, has declared her intention to run for the office of the Nigerian President in the 2019 elections.

The mother of three who has been hinting at this on Facebook will be running under the platform of The Face of Liberation.

Monica, aka ‘Bigman Wife’, took to the platform on Sunday to declare her intention.

She wrote:

How long are we going to be fooled by our blood thirsty leaders? When are we going to be tired of the backwardness our politicians has instilled in this country? Are we just going to seat back and watch them keep stealing what is meant for u and me, while we suffer? We have lost so many youth to violence, terrorism and poverty. Our so called men and politicians in public offices only think about themselves and their family. Now the big question is, as a youth, what future do u have with self centered politicians? What future does our children have in a harsh economy like this? If the answer to the cry of the ordinary Nigerian is a Woman, so be it. We must not attach sentiment to this situation because a woman was brave enough to come out and do that which is almost impossible for our men to do. Let us rise up in one voice and restore the pride of Nigeria. We are rich in oil and natural resources, yet over 70% Nigerian still live in abject poverty. Managing the affairs of Nigeria resources has nothing to do with speaking English. Speaking fluent English is not being intelligent or smart. Let’s vote MONICA AMBROSIA for Nigerian President come 2019.

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