Crocodile Returns Man After Sorcerer Summons It (Video)

CrocodileBy Rashidat Akashat

A crocodile has surprised villagers when it returned the body of a 42-year-old man it killed after being summoned by a sorcerer in Berau, Indonesia.

Daily mail UK reports that the 42-year-old man identified as Syarifuddin, was attacked and killed by the predator, days back while he was bathing with his friends.

The incident was reported to have occurred on Tuesday, around 6pm when the animal pounced and dragged the 42-year-old man beneath the water.

The deceased man’s family and friends searched for his body but to no avail, they even sort for help from the police who also failed then they opted for the sorcerer.

According to reports, the sorcerer who specializes in ‘crocodile witchcraft’, cast a spell for his corpse to be returned and immediately his body emerged at the river bank as villagers watched.

There is a footage which captures the reptile floating with the naked body of its prey, clenched in its jaws as the crowd watched with mouth agape. The crocodile dropped the dead body of Syariffudin and floated away.

The villagers moved onward, only to find him wounded to his ribs on the right side of his body.

According to a witness who saw how the deceased was attacked by the animal, told the newspaper that “he was just in the water and the crocodile humped at him and took him.”

Naked crocodile myth

A village leader identified as Eet, said that there is a local myth that whoever baths in the river naked would be attacked, while those who bathe with clothes on would be fine.

His word, “If the person bathes naked, they will be definitely be eaten by crocodiles, for sure. If they wear clothes they will not be ambushed.”

The security officials confirmed the incident and said “investigations are being carried out.”

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