Dogara Urges Nigerians To Unite For Sake Of Black Race

Yakubu Dogara and Eze Isaac Ikonne of Enugu at his installation ceremony    Photo: Twitter

By Victor Ernest

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has called on Nigerians to unite, to enable the country ”fulfill the destiny of a black man.”

The speaker stated this in a statement issued on Sunday in commemoration of the 2017 Democracy Day.

Fulfilling destiny

”If there’ll be any black nation that will fulfill the destiny of a black man, which is that of greatness, it’s going to come out of a unified Nigeria. I don’t think there’s anything each of these pockets will achieve that will be greater than what a unified Nigeria can achieve,” the lawmaker stated.

He therefore called on those who are fighting for self-determination to shield their sword and embrace unity so that Nigeria can fulfil her destiny.

”I know there are challenges but these challenges are not peculiar to us. So many countries have had to face these kinds of challenges in their developmental strides,” he added.

Strengthening institutions

According to the speaker, the current lawmakers are committed to strengthening institutions in the fight against corruption.

”We have a president who is determined and who has an uncompromising stance against corruption, and we are building strong institutions that will deal with the hydra-headed monster,” the speaker said in the statement.

On the two-year old Federal Government, Dogara insisted that the regime has done a lot within the last two years in aspect of transportation, security, agriculture and in ”bringing succour to the common man.”

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