#ConciseMetro: Lagosians React To Rising Cases Of Suicide Attempts (Video)

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By Victor Ernest and Mojeed Oladipupo

This year, especially in the month of March, Nigeria, Lagos in particular, has experienced series of suicide and suicide attempts.

The most prominent in recent times was that of Dr. Allwell Orji who, on Sunday, March 19, jumped into Lagos lagoon from a section of the Third Mainland bridge.

The next day, a woman was rescued by fishermen at Maza-maza, Lagos, after taking a plunge into the lagoon.

Few days after another woman was prevented from jumping into the lagoon by police. That same day, a 71 year old was rescued by fishermen after she took the plunge into the lagoon.

Another suicide attempt in the lagoon was foiled few days after.

The recent is that involving a father of seven, which took place in Yenagoa on Wednesday.

These are the few among so many cases of suicide, reported and not reported, that have happened across the country in recent times.

Lagosians discuss suicide

Based on the foregoing, #ConciseMetro hit the streets to find out what’s going on in Lagosians minds’ as regards suicide.

Below are our findings:

Femi Adekola, a trader, said one of the reasons why someone might decide to end his life is because such a person has ”lost hope” about life.

Femi added that he cannot kill himself no matter what might confront him.

Another respondent, Olabode Johnson (akaAgekuejo), a retired Major in the Nigerian Army, said some of the things that can prompt one to kill himself is hardship due to lack of resources.

He gave an instance of one who has not been able to get his retirement benefits, has no money to eat, and sick with no money to treat himself.

He, however, said that he has never seen any reason that would prompt him to kill himself, adding that he is already in his mid 70s and he has prepared where he would be buried when death comes knocking.

The retired military officer advised parents not to pressure their children or be too demanding of them, so that they will not be pushed to do ”what is not right”.

Yet another ex-serviceman, Ganiyu Gbadamosi, said he can’t imagine what would make anyone think of taking his own life because such thought has never crossed his mind.

One Vivian, an insurer, said she believes that people might be prompt to kill themselves out of frustration, and probably they don’t have means to live on.

She also added that some people might decide to take to suicide when they are not futuristic or see nothing in ”the future that gives them hope”.

She, however, stated that there is nothing that would make her attempt to take her own life, adding that her life is not hers to take.

A respondent, Adeyemi Yinka, a trader, said anybody who decided to end his own life, lacks knowledge and the understanding of life.

He said as far as one has the understanding of life, it will be impossible to resort to committing suicide.

Rita Onilor, an event manager, said no matter the circumstances, there is no reason big enough that should prompt one to commit suicide, adding that ”life is vanity”.

She cited the incident of Dr Allwell, saying that nobody can actually point out the reason why he decided to do commit suicide. She wondered if the incident could have been caused by a psychological problem or a burden he was not able to disclose to anyone.

She also wondered why Nigeria does not have a place where one can go and talk to somebody, and seek counsel, citing the instance of church-goers confiding in their pastors when they have a burden.

Interestingly, out of the handful of people who talked to #ConciseMetro, two disclosed having gotten to the point of contemplating suicide in the past.

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