Mystery Fire Occurs On Iroko Tree In Badagry

By Oladipupo Mojeed 

A mystery fire reportedly broke out from an Iroko tree in Badagry on Monday, defying all efforts by the fire service to put it out.

The Iroko tree is located around a traditional worship place in Awhanjigo Quarters, Badagry.

According to Rasaq Fadipe, Director, Lagos State Fire Service, the fire has been burning for several hours.

“We got information on the fire at about 7.07 a.m and we got to the scene at about 7. 11 a.m. The fire started at the middle of the tree.

“We observed that the leaves around the stem were not burnt. After observing for some time, we decided to fight the fire; to our surprise, the fire spread to the top.

The firemen were later told by a chief priest in the area, Chief Gengen to stop fighting the fire.

“We were told that this is the third fire incident on the Iroko tree,” he said.

Fadipe who quoted the chief priest said the first fire incident happened in the 70s, the second in 80s, before the latest one,

He said that the fire service had evacuated people in the area for their safety.

“There is a church, a post office and other buildings. We are still watching, while many people are coming to watch the mystery fire on the Iroko tree,” Fadipe said.

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