Check out photos from the launching of the House of Bubbles Restaurant and Lounge, Lekki

Looking for a place to be for your favorite African dishes? Well House of Bubbles has got you covered, we were there at the launching of the Restaurant and Lounge located at Lekki, Lagos and these were what we saw; You can see pictures below of the restaurant region and the lounge where you would be waited on and served your choice of menu.

House of Bubbles offers African dishes of different swallows, rice, yam porridges, soups and sauces. They also have a dedicated restaurant within the restaurant itself serving light and delicious breakfast of differ kinds of pancakes, waffles, coffee and tea, This particular restaurant is called Royal Pancakes.



Royal pancakes handles the light breakfast where you can quickly have yourself pancakes or waffles served with pork strips, ham, strawberry, whip cream and syrup.

They boasted of Espresso and cappuccino brand of coffee to their customers. We’d be back on House of Bubbles restaurant as soon as we have our first unbiased review, stay tuned.


Ewedu soup freshly made
Gbegiri soup
Cow meat soup
Efo riro soup
White rice garnished with soft carrots
Nigerian Jollof rice
Fried Rice almost sold out
Outdoor view
The interior of the restaurant of the Royal Pancakes section.

The vip lounge section for more privacy

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