People who work at home are more likely to suffer insomnia, stress, depression

Depression. PHOTO:

Working from home may be saving you commuting time, but it could also be causing insomnia, a new report says. Researchers say working outside of an office can make you more vulnerable to stress and depression as well.

Past studies have found that sleep deprivation leads to a higher mortality risk and lower productivity levels among the workforce. Now researchers are suggesting companies adopt new measures so employees can separate their work life from their personal life.

The report comes from the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO), which studied the impacts of working remotely as technological advances continue to revolutionize traditional conceptions of the workplace.

Researchers took data from 15 countries, including 10 EU members. They found that employees were more productive while outside of a conventional office.

However, the researchers noted it also brought risks of “longer working hours, higher work intensity and work-home interference.”

The report drew distinctions between employees who regularly work at home, highly mobile people constantly working in different locations and those who split time between an office and another site.

All three groups reported higher stress levels and more incidents of insomnia than those who always work at their employer’s premises. For example, 41 percent of highly mobile employees said they felt some degree of stress, a figure that was 25 percent for office workers.


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