United Capital’s Wealth for Women Fund offers high-tield investment opportunities for financial empowerment

Oluwatoyin Sanni, Group CEO, United Capital Plc and Alex Osunde, Managing Director, Sewa Capital (Lead Issuing House)at the signing ceremony in Lagos for United Capital's two new mutual funds: the United Capital Nigerian Eurobond Fund and the United Capital Wealth for Women Fund

As the number of working women who earn a steady income increases, there has been a steady rise in the demand for financial advice and investible products suited particularly to the needs of women. Conversely, with more women in managerial and entrepreneurial roles in small and large organisations across the nation, the opportunities for investing in female-led companies have never been so plentiful.

Recognising these realities, one of Nigeria’s leading investment banks, United Capital, has launched an investment vehicle that enables women to invest profitably in Nigeria’s capital markets, particularly in companies run by women.

The investment firm, through its new ‘Wealth for Women Mutual Fund’, will invest in publicly quoted companies who have women as the majority in their board and senior management.

In doing this, United Capital’s Wealth for Women Fund is meeting the pressing need of investing in, and showing support for African women. Some goals it aims to achieve are: enhancing the financial security of women; encouraging women to imbibe a progressive savings culture; increasing women’s participation in Nigeria’s capital markets; and creating a sustainable foundation for women’s financial empowerment and development in Nigeria.

For women (and men) choosing to invest in this fund, there are a number of benefits that they can enjoy, such as tax-exempt dividend payments, professional expertise from United Capital’s fund managers, and flexibility in terms of an easy entry and exit plan, such that they can invest and withdraw as they please. Additionally, they can enjoy redemptions within five days.

Financial service providers in other climes have caught wind of this trend and are offering a fully developed niche of woman-centric financial services that offer special advantages for women. These services empower them by giving them an opportunity to transform their savings into strong financial assets that will see them diversify their income and build lasting wealth. United Capital, with the launching of this fund, has demonstrated its interest and commitment to women by pioneering this niche in the Nigerian capital market.

This article is brought to you by United Capital, and written by Guardian Brand Studio. To learn more about United Capital Asset Management’s Mutual Funds, visit http://ift.tt/2kHr1uw


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