Suya seller narrates how he used charms to turn invisible to steal meat at abattoir

Na wah oh, when you suya tastes funny, just have it at the back of your mind it could have been teleported. 

The suya seller was arrested over the weekend, in Enugu State, while reportedly stealing meat from a butcher’s shed at Ogbete main market. Before now, meat sellers at the market, were said to have raised alarm over the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of meat from their shed.
Egwuatu Chukz, who shared the photos, said the Hausa man had casually strolled into the shed, on Saturday, brought out a sack and started stuffing large chunks of meat into it, completely ignoring the fact that there were people around.

After filling up the sack, he started walking away with it. He was said to have moved quite a distance, when one of the meat sellers called him back and tried to interrogate him.  The suspect allegedly refused to answer and this drew the attention of the crowd.

The crowd succeeded in stopping him and quizzing him on how he managed to have access to the meat and he couldn’t give any reasonable answer.  Few minutes after he was caught, he was stripped naked and some charms which he tied to his arm and leg were reportedly revealed.

It was gathered that from his confession after the charms were exposed, he had been perpetrating the act for a long time but he is usually invisible when operating, with the use of his charms. But for the intervention of the police, he would have been lynched. 

While confirming the incident, the state police Public Relations Officer, Ebere Amaraizu, said that the matter was being investigated.  He added that, “He stole two laps of cow meat and was caught before we intervened.  We are handling the matter right now. He will be arraigned in court tomorrow (Tuesday).”

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