Shocking – Day-Care proprietress  and her son beatup little girl kept under their care

Disturbing photos shows the horror a child went through from the hands of a woman and her son running a Day-Care center, only God knows if they have a licence to  do such business sha. See what the woman wrote below…

“The woman Kita Mosley took to her facebook and wrote 👉 “Do NOT let y’all kids go to Miya Matthews and her mama Tia Matthews-Gillis daycare that they run from their home!! These fat nasty BITCHES or her son beat the shit out of my niece!! And lied and said it was a allergic reaction they gave her Benadryl to shut her up from crying! They better be glad I wasn’t the one that had to pick her up from daycare today and saw her like this! But i will see them!!!

However, the woman denied beating the girl, she claims it was a allergic reaction, that left horrible marks on the girl :evil::evil::evil:”

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