Nigerian boy who was in a coma wakes up speaking fluent Spanish which he never knew before (Video)

This 16 year old boy woke up from a coma and became very fluent in Spanish, wow! It was reported that he had never spoken Spanish before nor learnt it but yet he spoke it so freely like it was his mother tongue. The coma was caused by an injury to his head during a rigorous sports-session on the field in school. He would stop breathing and vomit afterwards which got his coach greatly concerned but nobody knew it would result in  a coma, Watch the video below…

His mother
His mother
Sports day before the coma

screenshot_2016-10-26-11-49-05-1.png screenshot_2016-10-26-11-49-12-1.png screenshot_2016-10-26-11-49-17-1-1.png



Source – CNN



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