More Drama about the Mecedes Benz GLE as new reports that ex-beauty queen is marrying the real owner

  • Ex Beauty Queen Sandra Ekwosiobi Allegedly Set To Marry Actress Uche Elendu’s Estranged Husband…

I knew it, something made me think this way as I tried to creep into the ex-beauty queen’s instagram page as it is a private account, I thought that there was a possibility, this lady could either be dating this man openly or secretly and he had bought her the car and sent her the pictures of her new ride, chai!

According trio SDK:

“The queen also claimed to be the first lady in Lagos to own such a car and today instablog called her out for lying about owning the car..they outted the owner of the car who happened to be the estranged hubby of actress Uche Elendu. However what is not known is that Sandra and Uches Estranged hubby Mr Walter Igweanyiba are allegedly secretly engaged and will tie the knots soon and that was why the ex queen flaunted ‘her boo’s car’ claiming it was hers.

She has since deleted the photos after the car became an object of interest on the social media but what remains are the whispers from insiders…”Them say them say” they are getting married soon .

Uche Elendu’s marriage has reportedly packed up and the actress no longer lives in the same city with her estranged Husband.The actress has also reportedly moved on with her life.
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So there you have it guys, what do you think?


Source – SDK


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