Adewale Ayuba send a touching pre independence message to his Nigerian followers

The fuji music legend took to his instagram page to express his love and affection to his country, though rumored to be a US citizen he posted a write of how he felt being a Nigerian and why fellow Nigerians should keep praying for a country which has time without numbers stoop strong amidst adversities and evil, see what he wrote below…

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The #Green 57 Nigeria would be celebrating independence tomorrow the 1st of October, let me use this opportunity to speak to you all, please listen. I remember my young innocent days, playing without worries, I left all worries to my parents, I do not remember them lamenting and cursing like we do today but as for now everyday someone is in pain, someone is struggling and not seeing results, someone is angry and frustrated. We can lament and curse every leader we get as a country all we want but how many times has this action helped us? Are things better now? I'd leave you to answer these questions yourselves. Are we living on borrowed time? What would happen to us if we keep on living like this, what would happen to our children. We fight and steal from each other, there's no harmony, there's so much greed and bitterness, the air is stained with tension, everybody must be sharp, we work so hard but not so smart so we age quickly, lines are drawn in our faces and we try to be happy, we dress to impress, we borrow money to buy a big cars, hmmmm. We must not give in to adversaries and evil, a policeman cannot shoot an army of civilians, if we stay together and tell our oppressors "No" we would be left alone, our oppressors wold run and not look back. Why do we curse so much and bless less, let's pray for our nation, we must not shy away from being the giant of Africa, we are not fools, see how far bad leaders have pushed us and yet we always find a way to put food on our tables, let us pray for our country, every little pray counts, imagine how the US citizens always end their speeches with "God Bless America", if I said that here my followers would be angry and ask why I don't bless my motherland. I don't know about you but I always bless my country. Say a little prayer, evil cannot overcome light, darkness cannot overcome grace, there's green, there's love and there's greatness in you, no body can oppress you, if you look closely they are afraid of you, you are brilliant… Pray for Nigeria. God bless Nigeria, Amen.

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