Ibo man frustrated by life tries to commit suicide on Mile 2 River

The unidentified man pictured on the stretcher, tried to commit suicide at the Mile 2 river in Amuwo Odofin area in Lagos state yesterday. The Sun reports that eyewitnesses claim that the man who appears to be in his 40s, had muttered some words in Ibo and then plunged into the river.

The timely intervention of a passing speedboat prevented him from drowning after passengers on the speedboat dived into the river and dragged the man to the riverbank.


One of the eyewitnesses who gave his name as Andy Odiaka, said the victim, who wore native clothes was speaking to himself just before he plunged into the river
“I was there on the bridge where the man was also standing. He was speaking to himself. He said he had no transport fare to move from one place to another. He said his suffering was too much that he could hardly feed. I also heard him saying life was meaningless to him. He mentioned Buhari many times, and the next thing I saw, the man jumped from the bridge into the water. He is an Igbo man because he was speaking the language. I thought he was joking when he said he was tired of everything around him. If not for a speedboat that was passing, he would have died. The boat stopped and the passengers dragged him to the riverbank and they continued their journey. Thereafter, nobody was ready to assist him. People simply looked at him, expressed sympathy and continued their journey. I have to call an emergency number” he said.
Odiaka said men of the Lagos State Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS) later came in to rescue the man. When the victim’s pockets were searched for any means identity, only N90 was found on him.

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