As naked Donal trump statue appear in Hollywood

I’m crying… the Southland was not spared the nude statues of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump that sprung up in major cities around the country on Thursday.

The larger-than-life protest artwork appeared in front of a shop on the 4600 block of Hollywood Boulevard, according to LAist. Media reports around the nation say similar statues appeared in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere.


The title for the statue cannot be printed in a family newspaper, but the statues were created by an art collective known as INDECLINE, according to the Washington Post.

The group was partly inspired by “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the short Hans Christian Anderson story about a leader who was promised a fine suit that could only be seen by the wise, the Post reported. The emperor then paraded around the town naked and everyone pretended to be able to see the suit until a child cried out that the man was naked. Lol!

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