Nigerian Boxer Knocks out Opponent in 23 Seconds, Claims his Anger for Nigerian Govt Helped

Nigerian boxer knocks out opponent Nigel Paul in 23 seconds at the Rio Olympics, His Secret… He says. “i just focused all the Anger i had for the Nigerian Government in one Blow”.


It took Nigeria’s Efe Ajagba just 23 seconds to knockout his Trinidad & Tobago opponent, Nigel Paul in Boxing Super Heavyweight 91kg category of Rio 2016 Olympics.

Referee instructs Efe Ajagba to a corner after he knocked down his opponent.

Nigeria’s sole representative in boxing at the Olympic Games outclassed his opponent in round one, to show why he is highly rated and being tipped as a prospect for medal in the event.

Efe Ajagba

Ajagba who won the 2015 African Games showed a high level of confidence, aiming all his punches accurately which eventually paid-off, and in less than a minute he sent Paul crashing.

Of all the fights before this, nobody won by a knockout except the Nigerian, which stands him in a good position. The 22-year-old who won Bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow complemented his prowess with his height to knockout his opponent.

Having now qualified for the quarter-finals, Ajagba is billed to face a very stern test against Ivan Dychko from Kazakhstan on Tuesday, August 16.

“I did not expect him to fall in the first round,” Ajagba volunteered, after the fight.

“Indeed, I did not expect to win by knock-out because I know him very well. My coach and I have studied him, watched his fights on Youtube. He has a powerful combination and moves in the ring very well.”

Ajagba’s greatest tool is his understanding of his opponent’s weaknesses.

“I use my experience over them. Nigel Paul, like most others in my category, is bulkier than me but he does not have the legs. They don’t normally have the legs to carry them. I am slim, tall, with a long reach and above all, I have big, strong legs. When they hit me, my legs will support me but when I get them, their tiny legs can’t carry their bulky body. I take a lot of advantage in that.

“Another thing is, I don’t stay close to them because they punch hard. I move, I box but when my boxing fails to deliver I fight,” he said.


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