This guy no dey fear oh, imagine this scandalous artist and reality TV star trying to DM a whole president’s daughter, hehe!, what brand of ‘igbo’ did he smoke please?  According to multiple online reports, Ray J is being investigated by the US Secret Service for allegedly trying to reach out to First Daughter Malia Obama via instagram DM, just weeks after she turned 18 years old. Here is what is being reported online:
President Obama and the CIA’s top Internet Security team found Reality TV star Ray J trying to slide into Malia’s DM. Ray J is most known for being in a Sex Tape with Kim Kardashian and he has a reputation for sleeping with a lot of women.
The report didn’t say what Ray J was trying to talk with Malia about…but he’s engaged to be married!


ray j

Last week, President Obama’s daughter Malia had everyone talking when she was filmed twerking at Lallapalooza in Chicago. As you might have expected, some thirsty dudes came out of the woodwork after seeing the clip… and one of those guys is Ray J!

The only problem? #1 You don’t just DM the President’s daughter and #2 She’s underage!

The DMs were discovered after the NSA found some of Ray J’s message in Malia’s inbox.

While the nature of the messages was not revealed, sources say he did get a call from authorities telling him to stop or face serious consequences.

RAYJ obama

Neither the White House nor Ray J has chosen to publicly speak on the incident as of yet, but stay tune as more details emerge.

The reports, may cause extra drama in Ray J’s life, as he is supposed to be getting married in the near future, and reports of DMS, especially to the President’s daughter could cause DRAMA.

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