90 year old man calls the police to report a prostitute that stole from him but gets arrested by the cops instead 

A 90-year-old Dennis Port man,  Nicholas Salerno, was arrested for patronizing a prostitute after he called the police to report that the prostitute he spent the previous night with, had stolen from him.

According to The Smoking Gun, the 90-year-old Massachusetts man solicited the services of one Karen Proia after his friend said she would give a blowjob for $100.
According to the Dennis Police Department report, the friend gave Salerno the number, and Salerno called Proia to his house.

Salerno said he paid 48 year old prostitute Karen Proia, $100 on June 22 to perform a sex act, according to Orleans District Court documents. 

He told police that after the sex act, she said she wanted to use the bathroom in his house, and he let her use it but that after she left his house, he noticed his necklace was missing.

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He reported the alleged theft to police June 30.

Fortunately for Salerno, Police recovered the necklace at a pawn shop and arrested the prostitute.
However, a police officer told Salerno he also would be arrested and charged with a crime, for soliciting a prostitute, to which Salerno responded:

“I don’t give a (expletive). I’m 90 years old …”.

Proia is charged with larceny and prostitution. She and Salerno pleaded not guilty at their arraignments last Tuesday.

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