Fans Burn Up Toni Braxton’s IG Page For Channelling Aaliyah With Boobs Hanging Out

I don’t know why Toni Braxton decided to “channel Aaliyah“. It’s not her birthday or death anniversary. I guess Ms. Braxton was having a little fun playing dress up.

Her fans don’t seem to buy into the idea as they heated up her IG page with the weirdest comments. Check them out…



” I will answer..if she was fully clothed then she would be having a mid life crisis…nothing new same T from the 90s”

“This is so not you!”

“Did Birdman make you do this!”

“What are you doing to yourself and your boys?”

“What in the world !!! Close your blouse up , it’s not cute … grown women to grown women @tonibraxton please tell me that’s not you.”

“You to old for this pose lady”

“I know I’m still a child but last time I checked @tonibraxton was a grown women so for one if she is grown let her be grown “that means let her ware was she want to [wear].”

“Such a beautiful lady but why is she trying so hard all the sudden… she’s with the second ugliest guy on the planet, little Wayne is the first in case you were wondering…and now this…”

“1. Toni did not say she was dating that man 2. They been friends for about 15yrs 3. She been dressing that ways from the 90s …it seem you just catch up that’s why you talking about all of it best some of you don’t post because you clueless as hell…”

“She needs to sit down somewhere!! She’s starting to be annoying like those daggone Kardashians!!”

“Showing your breasts doesn’t make you a better singer. Cover up girl”

“OMG really Toni you wayyyyyyyyyyy to classic to post this type of picture. I LOVE you forever but ohhhhhhh my

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