Nurse flashes cleavage and wiggles bum in saucy video

A nurse who worked at a dementia home taking care of the elderly has allegedly lost her job after flashing her cleavage and wiggling her bum while broadcasting a raunchy live video as an elderly patient is treated in the background. 

According to The Sun, shameless Shnae Barton robbed a helpless old lady of her dignity as she posed for the camera and twerked beside her bed.

The 25-minute clip, laden with “sex chat”, continued despite heart-wrenching cries from the patient, aged about 90.

She talked openly of sexual preferences and smoking ­cannabis while clutching her boobs and opening her legs.

In one video, she barked at a male patient: “You want to sit up?” before turning to her mobile phone camera and hissing: “You f****** pervert!”

In the clip with the female patient, she says: “We are going to give you a wash now”, before opening her uniform and flashing her breasts.”

She then makes repulsive references to the patient’s privates and sings while twerking towards the woman’s face.

One viewer of the video said: “I used to work for a care home and can’t believe someone would be so disrespectful.

“That could be someone’s mum and she’s unzipping her uniform and talking about masturbating.

“It’s sick she puts the residents on camera, they don’t know what’s happening.”

Watch here:

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