“God is Punishing Ibinabo For Her Wickedness” – Christabel

Nollywood up-coming actress, Christabel Goddy, though new in the industry, became known to many people after she allegedly bit off the skin of her colleague, Princess Chineke, during a fight some months ago. Since then, shehas been branded the ‘cannibal actress’. 

Christabel Goddy has finally spoken up since she was indefinitely banned fron AGN by the then Actors Guild of Nigeria president, Christabel Goddy following the violent fight and according to her, Ibinabo’s present predicament is a well-deserved punishment for unfairly supporting Princess.

Recall that in February, news made rounds on social media that two Nollywood actresses fought at a movie location and shortly after that, Princess Chineke shared graphic photos of the wound she sustained and claimed that Christabel bit the flesh off her body with her teeth. Some days after the occurrence, the AGN, under the leadership of Ibinabo Fiberesima, banned Christabel indefinitely from the movie scene, but that was lifted after Emeka Ike took over as the president of the AGN.

Christabel Goddy Denies Biting Colleague.

In an interview Punch, Christabel Goddy tells her own side of the story, swearing that she never bit Princess as she recounted her ordeal. She said:

“Due to the nature of our profession, we don’t get to check our phones till we are done with shooting at night. That is when most of us have time to tend to our missed calls and messages. The actress had always complained about my phone calls but I found it amusing because I don’t speak loudly on phone. The hotel had a club and that also made so much noise so how come it was my phone call that was disturbing her sleep?

“Often times, she had complained but this faithful day, I got into the room and saw that she was sleeping on my side of the bed making phone calls, I waited till she was done then I told her to go to her side of the bed because we had our sleeping arrangement. She became belligerent towards me and began to insult my father. I told her to stop but she did not. Before I knew it, a fight ensued. She pushed me and I almost hit my head on the mirror before people came to separate us.

“By the time I would check my body, I had finger nail scratches everywhere and a bite mark on my hand although it was gradually fading. She went to the toilet and came out only to claim that I bit her. There was no blood on the trousers she wore or on the floor; neither was there blood on my cloth but she claimed that I bit her.

“I am not a cannibal; I have never eaten a human flesh in my life. I feel sad when I read that they call me a cannibal but I am a very strong person. If you are innocent of something, with time you would be vindicated. I am happy that people who have had to relate with me know that I am a peace-loving person.”

The actress,  Christabel Goddy told Punch that nobody heard her side of the story yet they named her a ‘cannibal’ and banned her from the industry. Although the ban has been lifted by the present AGN president, Emeka Ike, Goddy said it was a sign of irresponsibility fo Ibinabo to have banned her in the first place without hearing from both parties. Hear her:

“My only regret is that I indulged her and I am not proud of it. But then with my age and the little number of years I have spent in the industry, I should be excused. Politicians fight every day, so I don’t see why I should be buried. I did not kill anybody.

“Ibinabo was accused of killing somebody and she was walking on the street, bragging before the law caught up with her. I believe that it is because she passed a wrong judgement against me that God is punishing her. Her ban against me was flimsy and uncalled for even though it has been lifted by Emeka Ike.


“I was in her office and she told me that I was a very decent young lady from the way we were chatting, my lawyer was there and I am quoting her verbatim. She told me not to worry that the matter was just a fight between two people.  She advised that I work on my temperament. She said that she would settle the matter and reverse the ban.

“She even went as far as taking me to the stadium where they had their veteran football competition and introduced me to the chairman, board of trustees and some directors. As she was introducing me, some of the men told me that I didn’t look the part of a fighter and that I should be more careful next time and avoid people who would trigger my anger. She promised the man that she would take control of the situation.

“She asked me to come to her office the next day and I was there with my lawyer, we waited for seven hours but Ibinabo refused to see me. She gave a flimsy excuse that the other actress was not available because she went to treat her wound. My lawyer was of the opinion that the other girl did not have to be there, that all Ibinabo should have done was to reconcile us and reverse the ban she placed on me.

“She is certainly paying for the wickedness she meted out on me because God does not joke with me. I don’t go about looking for trouble; I live a very private life. I am not a saint but I try my best to help people.”


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