Awh Cute! See Kanye West’s smile in a throwback toddler picture

Kanye West flashes the cutest little smile at toddler age in super rare throwback snap.

The sight of Kanye West smiling is something that comes around once every blue moon.

Which is exactly why there’s just so much to love about the adorable throwback snap that’s making its way around the internet.

These days Kanye is the self-proclaimed ‘greatest rock star on the planet’ – but once upon a time he was just a little lad with dreams of making it big.

And sadly it seems that at some point between then and now the musician decided he needed to quit smiling.

FameFlynet UKKim Kardashian and Kanye West are seen stopping by the Cedars Sinai Hospital to visit Lamar Odom on Thanksgiving
We rarely get a smile from Kanye now
Throwbacks don’t get much better

But we really wish he hadn’t.

The picture shows that more than three decades ago little Kanye actually had a cheeky grin that could melt hearts.

It features the dad-of-one wearing a party hat and bearing a slight resemblance to his two-year-old daughter North West.


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