Future’s babymama put on blast by a man she (may have) slept with

One of Future’s baby mama, former Atlanta stripper Brittni Mealy was put on blast by a man she slept with and lied about. It all started when Brittni posted a pic of Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas (left) talking about she used him but never slept with him and called him names.

Well, she shouldn’t have, especially if she had something to hide. The guy came for her with receipts. See that after the cut…

The man shared a video of Brit in his house and in his robe. The video was later deleted but not before The Formula TV caught it along with this caption,

“We’re I’m from if you shoot at me its a must I shoot back so with that being said I haven’t said any thing about you but you want to try and use me for a trailor to pitch your reality show. I don’t come from that world so please miss me with that bs. I have text messages, flight info and recordings that you don’t want nobody to see so please ease up off me before I turn you into a #XXXL star. I been on the low for a min let me stay that way. I’m not no entertainer.”

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